Music + passion + motion +commitment = dancers

Hey ya'll reading. This web is more of a notice for those in the la x , onalaska, and holmen wisconsin area preferbily (dont mind bad grammer)  ages 14 to 20 boys or girls who love hip hop and want to express themselves. who get syched just watching movies like step up 2 or just love break dance/hip hop styles. theres  not a lot of people in my area who arnt already in  a different dance group or just arnt quite as interested in making a group or time with me. i'm looking for ppl ages 14 to 20 who have good tempers, energy, passion, can get along with others, none racest and want to make a dance crew. You dont have to be that flexible , hip hop/break dance talent either as long as you're willing to give ur all. i admit im not all that flexible but as a group we all could learn n grow together. so if you are curious or want to start a dance crew ask for Kitty at freexpressed_kat@yahoo.com obvious im bad at advertising and this is the only way i cud think of or if you have a dance crew and need new members u can contact me to. ttyl. 2009